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DP 02: Client Presentations

DP 02: Client Presentations

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The key to the design process at Studio Hopwood is to encourage our clients to be as involved as much as they want to be. The shortest involvement was a half hour presentation before remodelling a two bed room apartment. The longest was 6 months but we were kiting out a new ranch in Australia.

As our clients are involved in the process we tend not to have classic presentations where all the finishes and images are glued onto a board. I can imagine for many such a presentation would feel like a done deal with little room for manoeuvre.

Here is how it works at Studio Hopwood. Most meetings are held in our presentation room. There we have access to an extensive library of finishes from tiles, marble to fabric. We also have large multiple screens to show drawings and 3d images. Being at the studio makes it quicker for us to change the drawings on the spot and produce further samples for discussion. Of course we do have some meetings on site too.

Design process – client meeting in a presentation room – Daniel Hopwood
Meeting are held in our presentation room
Design process – discussing samples – Daniel Hopwood
Discussing samples

We will have plan and elevations on screen and a large tray, as in the picture above containing various samples that we have collected but non of it will add up to a scheme. Before that happens, we need your input.

Armed with the set of drawings, the samples and most importantly blank paper and pencils, designing can begin.


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