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DP 03: Why appoint an interior designer?

DP 03: Why appoint an interior designer?

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Why are the British, especially the male variety,  averse to asking for advice? That’s me included, if lost in a foreign town I would prefer to struggle with a map rather than ask directions from a stranger.  This trait seems to follow through to the decisions we make for our homes, silly really as these decisions are some of the most expensive and long lasting that we ever make.

Last week I hosted a live chat on the Houzz web site  for people who have decided that they need advice on the renovations being done to their home. That is a step in the right direction and many questions I could answer easily, good on Houzz for setting up such a service.  However many enquiries seem to go like this:

“Help! My contractors are on site and they want immediate decisions on lighting layout/ kitchen design/colour selection/ floor finish” …the list goes on.

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I try to help but really the best way forward is to engage with a fully trained interior designer who will take you through a design process. With all their knowledge gained from experience and training as well having an extensive technical background will enable the homeowner make to make considered choices rather than expensive mistakes.

Many designers are willing to work on a consultancy basis, which will keep cost low as you can pay on an hourly basis. The easiest course of action is to contact the BIID our government recognised professional body, they will direct you to the ideal professional designer closest to you.

However if you have a decent a budget and a desire for something unique, come and speak to me!


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