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Dimore Studio at Mazzoleni Gallery

Dimore Studio at Mazzoleni Gallery

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I thought that  I should spread the news that the designers’ designer, Dimore Studio are showing their latest work at Mazzolini Gallery in Mayfair. You don’t have long to get there as it is showing only until September 24th, but if you are a devout believer in Interior Design, you owe it to yourself to go.

Dimore Studio consists of American Britt Moran and Italian Emiliano Salci. Each year during Salone del Mobile they showcase their work in an apartment in a fashionable district of Milan. That installation is always the Mecca for design industry and at the glamorous parties everyone talks about it. Now we have the chance to see their work in London.



Dimore Studio at Mazzolini Gallery - Daniel Hopwood Interior Designer London
Mazzolini Gallery Window - All Images Courtesy of Dimore Studio

Their work is designed to amaze and provoke, this time hidden behind walls with portholes to catch a peek into each room set. It is almost voyeuristic looking into inhabited, colour redolent, plush interiors where classic and contemporary mix to perfection. As in a lived in environment there is a mix of conventional and unusual objects placed to eschew perception, which is the twist that draws us in. I and many other designers regard their installations as an art which has an impact and influence on our own work.


Their designs, dare I say are almost sleazy and certainly sexy. There is a feeling that the occupant has just walked out the door to another room. Their use of coloured, patterned carpets might shock the public and received good taste, so might the walls  painted in gloss paints in rich deep colours.


Too much to digest? Perhaps but avant-garde hoteliers have commissioned them. Take a look at Hotel Saint Marc in Paris which is my favourite as well as Casa Fayette, Guadalajara. In London, do take a look at the new Frette store in South Audley Street.


It’s thanks to designers such as Dimore that enables design to continue moving and questioning rather than wallowing in the realms of taste and taupe.


Milly Burroughs has interviewed the duo about their London installation. If you are inquisitive about them do take a look here, http://www.anothermag.com/design-living/10131/the-design-duo-bringing-discomfort-to-classic-interiors