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Home Resolutions

Home Resolutions

As we turn to the New Year, here is the time to take stock of our homes ensuring that everything is ready for the return back to work.

Steady though, this is the time to relax and recover from hang overs rather than painting walls and hoovering under the bed . Instead write a list, a wish list of all the things you would like to do to your home over the year. Break the list up into rooms, as this list should be as detailed as possible, noting anything from redecorating the living room to repairing a dripping tap or getting new bedsides tables. Keep the list visible so that you can constantly refer to it and start any research.

Whilst you are compiling the list try to do a bit of editing. That is looking at all the items that have accumulated, ask why they are there. Is there a place for everything or are boxes and bags been left in corners. Also try to pair back, are there just too many ornaments, try reducing a little, everything doesn’t have to be out all the time. We all get too use to where we live and stop seeing what’s around us. Taking stock is a good way to keep everything fresh and loved.

The turn of the New Year is when to take a look at household linen. I have three sets of bed linen, if it is looking a bit sad, its out and I buy fresh. This year I am going to treat myself to a set from Josephine Home There is nothing better than climbing into newly laundered and ironed bed sheets.

The sales are on too. I’m just nipping over to Skandium on Marylebone High Street . Their Kartio glasses by Ittala would look great on my kitchen shelves and I can use them for water too.

Abigail Ahern is having a sale too. I could walk into her store and buy something with my eyes closed and I know I’ll love it, as she has a great eye for the unusual that turns a perfect house into a charming home. Her Lola convex mirror is a design classic especially in black and often features in my projects.

Be cautious though, don’t buy things just because they have been marked down.

There you go nothing too taxing there and as you settle down on the sofa with a box of chocolates and a film you can in satisfaction that you have a plan to make your home beautiful in the New Year.