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I believe that today more and more people, if possible, try to live sustainably.
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Many having been convinced by the spectacular BBC series Blue Planet, which opened our eyes to the damage that we are doing to our oceans.  I must add though, from my experience as a designer, most people will only go for the green option if it doesn’t sacrifice their lifestyle as we have become accustomed to one enriched with technology such as boiling water taps, flat screens and wireless home sound systems.


There has been one household item, however, that has largely been ignored with advances both in luxury and sustainability and changed little since its invention, the WC. The closest the WC has got to luxury has been the soft close seat! I did get rather excited when wall hung loos were invented but it was hardly a life changing development. Here we are, still throwing chemicals down the pan, as well as the dreaded wet wipes believing they are biodegradable which they are not.  Still lurking in the corner is the loo brush, certainly not an object of desire. What a sorry affair in every home.  Then last year I took a trip to Japan and saw the blinding light, a Toto Neorest AC. Be prepared to be amazed.


The most novel part of the Toto experience is that on arrival the seat opens itself almost in eager welcome. Unnecessary perhaps, but a hands-free feature that I quickly got to appreciate. As the seat lifts the Neorest AC sprays water around the highly polished zirconium coated bowl, which ensures that nothing is going to stick. Note though, the water swirling about the bowl is not just any water, its electrolysed water which acts like a bleach killing all germs, but moments later returns to being just water.  Genius.  A UV light integrated in the lid which combines with the zirconium coating  triggers a decomposition process, making a toilet brush totally unnecessary. There is no other loo out there that can meet such environmental credentials.


The feature that everyone gets a little giggly about is the bidet facility. It is a feature that has to be experienced as not only is it refreshing, it rids the reason for the existence of wet wipes. Do note that unlike other bidet loos, the spray nozzle is automatically cleaned so no germs will lurk. There is a blow drier and a heated seat too. Finally, there is no need to flush as the Neorest AC takes care of that too.


Thank you Toto for addressing the humble loo at last, and creating a machine that not only enhances your luxury lifestyle but the environment too.