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Trends don’t just happen you know!

Trends don’t just happen you know!

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Trends, oh Trends, don’t we all just hate the thought of following a trend but spot a listing on social media and we are on it, checking to see if we are a step ahead.

I am fascinated by such predictions as they can reflect what is happening in politics, the economy and just general attitude to life itself. Trends eventually lead to a particular period having an identity, or, what’s called a Zeitgeist.

I believe that 2016 is going to be particularly interesting as we see people across the world bonding and standing against the current atrocities and as the economy is becoming more buoyant, daring to look forward. I wonder how these changes will manifest in interior design?

We might witness some contrasts, considering the economic improvements, a desire to move on from nostalgia and yet, at the same time there is a need for comfort and stability. A futuristic look may develop which is rooted in shiny, ambitious glamour, grounded by rough, honest materials. We might see luxurious materials such as rich tactile velvets in deep burgundies and warm rose pinks set against raw concrete and silvered, weathered wood.

Trend Forecast 2016 – Daniel Hopwood predictions – dining room

We are already heading in this direction of modern glamour. The European furnishing shows last year were brimming with objects made in marbles and golds, I even saw an exotically patterned carpet. These opulent statements were set in contrast within honest, almost humble surroundings.

If we look back to the end of the Eighties, a similar era to now emerging out of recession, the passion for antique collecting was fading and punchy designs, introduced by the Memphis group, reigned. As we today start to look forward, we could be witnessing the death of vintage and upcycling, and current earthy colours being replaced with something more self-assured.

We have so much available to us these days as the high street is so affordable with lots on offer, changing style has never been easier. This gives the consumer many opportunities to be quite individualistic albeit spoilt for choice. I have no doubt though that the creative amongst us, will start customising and adapting what is available in the desire to have something unique.

If this sophisticated, almost theatrical look develops, it will complement our need to personalise our surroundings will give instant charm to the bland new apartments that people are having to buy into.

We are a fickle lot, so who knows if my predictions are correct but it will be interesting to see what choices we make in 2016.