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Can I fix you a drink?

Can I fix you a drink?

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A phrase from old Hollywood movies that still exudes glamour. In order to do so elegantly, some sort of bar is required; from a tray with a bottle of whiskey, mixers and ice to a full on serving counter, stools, the lot.

It is certainly a concept that resonates with my clients.  See the image below, of a drinks cabinet that I created. Doors slide into the lacquered frame to reveal a treasure chest backed in copper gilded glass, lighting and a sliding tray to mix drinks. Closed it turns into a discrete cupboard with elegant upholstered doors.

The desire for a bar at home inevitably follows when a sophisticated couple settle down, have kids, still party, but now at home.

Buster and Punch bar – Daniel Hopwood

Further out of town I have just completed designs for a new home which includes an entire party room with its own long bar, it’s almost a nightclub.  A large project and so may be a while before I publish, exciting though, takes me back to designing Adam Street Club many years ago.

Fancy one? Check out this edgy bar called Rockstar from Buster and Punch if not I could make you one to your own specification but it will cost ya (but not as much as you think).