Working 9 to 5
Daniel Hopwood | Architecture and Interior Design, London

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Working 9 to 5 Fujisawa, Japan

Working 9 to 5

Fujisawa, Japan
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The space prioritises networking and collaboration which the mixture of private seating and lounge like furniture helps promote
3D visuals allowed us to communicate our design and layout to the client
Key space is given to hot desks and flexible furniture
The new branding reflects the resort-side location of the first office, and the less formal working environment
The client knew that solo workers were a key demographic so long desks make good use of the view
With Minako who managed to balance tight budgets in order to source the best furnishings
Work by local artists and craftsmen is showcased in the office
Meeting Room Doors are marked out in traditional Japanese washi paper designs
Noriko, Dan and Minako, part of the design team at the opening of the new location of Resoffice in Fujisawa

Working 9 to 5

Designers Statement

Having spent many years working on residential, it’s been really exciting to work on another facet of peoples lives, their working lives.

A year or so ago I had the pure joy of being invited over to Japan by a group of interior designers to do a series of lectures in various universities and colleges. It was fascinating to discover the different approaches to design in Japan and they were curious about how I design, so much so that I was invited to work on a project.

I received a commission to create a new breed of co-working offices. A very convenient opportunity as at present I am researching such spaces for some large scale residential developments in the UK. Here was my chance to put my ideas into practice.

The brief was to create spaces which a new culture of office working. Relaxed, communal with a flavour of local beach life and creativity. The new co-working spaces are to be located closer to where people live rather than in the big cities hence the much more relaxed approach in their design.

Working with Catherine in the studio we came up with concepts, schemes and even the branding. Following a few Skype chats the build team set to and six weeks later I was there to open the first branch.